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Robotic Process

We are leaders in RPA strategy and implementation of automated business processes. Our certified team members in UiPath, Automation anywhere, Microsoft Power automate and Blue Prism develop/ create intelligent software bots that accomplish a wide array of workplace tasks – from adding input to Data Analytics Software to completing forms – that allows humans to focus on higher value tasks.


We provide you the right mix of AI and RPA enabling the true promise of robotic automation

  1. We integrated UiPath with Azure Cloud, an embedded analytics feature, and a mobile app for its orchestrator tool. This offers an AI integration fabric, which allows robust enablement of AI features.

  2. For Automation Anywhere, we have built pluggable API integration for developers. The mobile app allows customers to monitor and manage bots on the run.

  3. We have implemented Blue Prism for financial services clients. 

  4. Microsoft Power Platform for clients in manufacturing and pharmaceutical sector.

The path to RPA Success

Assessment & Discovery Phase

  1. Automation Discovery Workshop

  2. POC Development

  3. Business Case Creation

  4. Tool Selection

  5. Strategy & Roadmap creation

Implementation Phase

  1. Business Process Automation

  2. Intelligent Automation

  3. Solution Design

  4. Automation COE setup

  5. Reusable Assets & Automation Library

  6. RPA test automation

Operate & Maintenance Phase

  1. Robot Monitoring & Support

  2. Robot Maintenance & Enhancement

  3. Change Management Services

  4. Continuous Service Improvement

Automation in 7 Steps

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Services we are actively engaged with

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