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Unlock the Potential of Automation Anywhere in FP&A Reporting – Streamline and Automate Your Process

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Are you a financial professional looking to streamline and automate your FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) reporting processes? Automation Anywhere can help you do just that. This powerful technology can reduce manual effort and costs associated with data consolidation, report generation, and analysis, while also ensuring accuracy with error handling and debugging capabilities.

By using Automation Anywhere, you can increase customer satisfaction by reducing turnaround time. Plus, you can be sure that your reports are reliable and accurate. Case studies from companies such as Oracle and Twitter demonstrate the power of Automation Anywhere in FP&A reporting.

Take your FP&A reporting to the next level with Automation Anywhere. Streamline and automate your processes for enhanced accuracy and improved customer satisfaction. Unlock the potential of Automation Anywhere and find out why it's the choice of the top financial professionals.

Our client automated 10+ processes for a banking firm covering multiple functions

  • Developed following BOT

  • Report Manager BOT

  • Validation BOT

  • Adjustment BOT

  • Commentaries BOT

The proposed solution used Automation anywhere 11.3, SharePoint and MS office and multiple data source for end-to-end automation.


  • The client wanted to automate the Financial Planning using utility BOTs for below mentioned processes.

  • Report extraction from multiple applications

  • Validate operations on extracted reports. Perform auto adjustment calculation as per business rules. Commentary for explanation of financial data.


  • Performing pre-BOT activities to Roll Forward and refresh data from previous month.

  • Data Extraction from multiple application defined in config files. Applying business rule on extracted data to validate the results.

  • Doing adjustment, drill down and variance analysis.


  • Unique solution with very high replicability

  • Better utilization of manpower

  • Reduced operational tasks

  • Improved stakeholder’s feedback


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