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Imperfect Launch at the Perfect time - Why did we Launch Tekvo?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Here is an interesting story (Part-1) of how we launched Tekvo and Why?

How it happened?

In 2020, At Foxolabs in the middle of a consulting engagement, COVID hit the world hard. Most of the product team’s had to go remote and as a remote-first since the inception, it wasn’t surprising to us, but for most of our clientele it was a cultural shock. As the tech world was trying to adopts, we realized that they needed help and it became apparent that Team as a Service (TaaS) was the need of the hour. We stepped in and built the team with great culture in no time. Our network and experience in the industry helped us to launch our service.

Product Journey

As there are more dolphins reaching out to the shore, As the city skies are showing up more stars, As the world tried to stay indoors, we got real busy with our product journey. Here’w how it mapped out,

Step-1 : Access to talent pool

From our past experience at Foxolabs the core team expertise are hard to get it right. We as a Human are imperfect, but we make a perfect team with the right culture and guidance. That’s the sweet spot, everyone’s trying so hard to get it right. That’s exactly we are trying to do at Tekvo.

Step-2 : Remote First Culture

We’ve embraced remote-first early on not by choice, but by accident. It worked out ( That’s for another time) really well for us as well us for our customers. Tekvo members will be trained well and the out of the box onboarding tool-kit helps them to get ready for remote first as fast and as efficiently as possible. Thanks to the fellow community and the tech eco system which helped us immeasurable times in this journey. This cultural change, gave us access to large pool of talents.

Step-3 : On-boarding

Our clientele, gets exclusive access to the profiles and spend less time in screening and more time in talking with the freelance/open source talents. This gave them an opportunity to scale up quickly with the shortened onboarding time.

Step-4 : Freelancers

As the curated list of the open minded/freelancing talents grew, we provided guidelines to our freelancing community the roadmap to up-skill and help them achieve their dream career path.

Step-5: Imperfect Launch at the Perfect time

“Imperfect Launch at the Perfect time” — I’m not quite sure, if anyone has ever said this but this is what we have done. Our product isn’t perfect, and as a matter of fact the product ever will be. Our goal was on serving the customers rather than serving our alter-ego. That’s what most of the builders do, but we’ve enough scars on our back and we launched it using a no-code tool in 5 days.

At this very moment, My Co-Founder is filling-up the product — backlog. As I write this leisurely from a place not so far from the nearest airport. I hope to get serious

As we are building Tekvo, I will write more on how we have reached our goal for 2022 and how we are prepping ourselves for 2023 in this product journey series. Tune to this space for more details.

Would you like to know more. Follow us on Twitter Saran and Tekvo and I will detail out the journey as we build this further.

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