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SaaS for Construction Project Management | Cloud-Based Collaboration

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Construction project management software

SaaS (Software as a Service) is becoming increasingly popular for construction project management. It provides an easy way to manage projects, coordinate teams, and access data from anywhere.

Our client is a major construction company who get contracted to build 10-15 story buildings for tech and medical corporations. The projects usually have low budget and a deadline of 20-28 months.

The solution is the perfect fit for our client's needs. Cross platform applications are designed to help manage projects from start to finish, from budgeting and scheduling to tracking progress and ensuring quality control. It also helps to streamline communication between teams and clients, and provides real-time updates on project progress. Additionally, our mobile application allows for easy access to project information and updates, no matter where the user is located.

Helped customers to close the projects 3X faster then usual and saved approx 20% cost on Inventory and increased overall gross profit to approx 70%


  • The company after 2 years of manual operations started getting lot of projects in parallel and lost huge sums on managing, project delays, inventory and resource management.

  • Project tracking and accountability was a major concern,

  • Losing projects because of delays.

  • Material management and usage tracking was a challenge between various project locations.


  • SaaS product offered unique features which helped the companies to manage, plan, track, and resolve issues in the projects very efficiently and productively.

  • Technology used were MERN stack for website development, and React Native for mobile application development.

  • Team of 2 designers, 2 frontend developers, 2 backend developers, 1 senior full stack developer/ architect, 1 project manager, 1 product manager were deployed.

  • Multiple parallel sprints were carried out to track the project progress, issues, risks, and tasks.

  • Various applications were build for different stakeholders like Builder, Contractors, Administration, Vendors, Worker Manager etc.


  • Construction stakeholders who used the product were able to delegate the responsibility efficiently.

  • Material/ Inventory Management between vendors and sites became easy.

  • More accountability introduced in the projects from top to bottom, with high visibility on each and every task, subtasks, associated costs, and inventory, duration and project plans.


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